Human Resources Management: Healthcare Executives as HR Managers

All healthcare executives can be regarded as HR managers because they understand people’s behaviors and needs better than other professionals. It is the responsibility of healthcare executives to engage staff to operate optimally in their departments. Additionally, it is their job to ensure that the needs of all the stakeholders are met, and budget allocation is made (Fried and Fottler 28). Healthcare executives must work closely with other departments to prepare for the position. Additionally, healthcare executives can undertake a human resource course to acquire skills and knowledge before assuming the managerial role.

Human resource managers are imperative in supporting quality and safety in healthcare. They ensure that quality and safety are enhanced in the healthcare sector by evaluating the knowledge and skills before hiring employees (Kabene 31). In addition, it is the responsibility of HR to ensure that the best-performing employees who enhance customer satisfaction are retained (Fried and Fottler 101). HR approaches would improve Medicare, thereby encouraging more funding and enhancing safety and quality of care.

Toxic managers propagate workplace bullying, only care about themselves, and are not concerned about the organization’s goals and mission. They focus on getting recognized by their superiors and taking credit for the work done by employees. It is worth noting that toxic managers de-motivate junior employees, especially when all the credit goes to them, without recognizing other workers.

Yes, I have experienced bullying in the workplace, especially towards women who were sexually harassed and intimidated to receive promotions or bonuses.

The FTE (full-time equivalent) and the headcount are different methods used in a given organization. The headcount is the actual number of people consisting of everyone within the area of study. The method accounts for every organization’s members. Under this technique, the credits, hours, and skills are not considered. Moreover, the nature of the individual is disregarded while the full-time and part-time persons are counted. An FTE individual must work for a specific number of hours (Mazumdar et al. 348). In essence, FTE and headcount calculations differ, as demonstrated by their terms of engagement.

From the study, the number of physicians delivering medical care is 60 percent. It is important to understand such information to calculate the resources needed and how to reduce individual workload. Additionally, this data helps in ensuring that employees are not overworking. On matters of time and work, both females and males should work for the same amount of hours since they have similar training and receive similar remuneration. The headcount and the FTE may be affected by the skills of an individual and the status of each person.

As it is evident from the analysis, the forecast is not reasonable since headcounts may not necessarily remain the same throughout the years. From D104 to D113, the number of headcounts kept fluctuating, and so did the number of FTE. Therefore, a common factor may be found from the previous one to improve the forecast. If all physicians were to retire at the age of 65, the headcounts would be lower than the current value due to the increased number of workers who will be retiring. Consequently, the FTE forecasts would be affected since the number might drop if available staff reduces.


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