Exposure and Engagement in community Service: What it Entails

Exposure and engagement in community service are two diverse elements. The article shows that there is a clear difference between the two. With exposure, students who serve in community service are only exposed to the real world. Through these experiences, the students learn to deal with people from different backgrounds as well as interact with individuals who are less fortunate, elderly, mentally challenged, and those living with disabilities. The collaborations play a significant role in contributing to the student’s sense of responsibility and competence. However, some researchers see exposure as a symbol rather than a substance. Additionally, the scholars question whether elaborate programs are necessary for attaining the program goals.

On the other hand, engagement service programs reflect purpose, care, effort, preparation, and recognition. In fact, engagement platforms are more involving than exposure programs. They have concrete objectives and are reasonable and ambitious since they are considered intellectually demanding. The programs make the students feel like they are part of the less fortunate people in society, thus giving them an impression of what it is like to be in such a position. The main difference between the engagement and the exposure programs lies in the objectives of the platforms. Therefore, engagement programs require more commitment than just fulfilling the required hours.

            Community service is an activity that should assist in mitigating the current trends of selfishness among young people. The activities expose the students to a world they have never encountered. Nonetheless, some critics say that these community service exposures only focus on the student’s personal satisfaction rather than the underlying issues. However, many students have contributed to their communities, thus improving people’s lifestyles. In essence, community service engagement plays a vital role in understanding the problems the less fortunate go through and the actions one can take to improve their life.

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