How Pearson Company Applies Agile Technology in its Operations

Nowadays companies are constantly making efforts to improve their services by implementing effective methodologies that enhance efficiency. Pearson Company through Adams-Woodford, the new vice president of products, seeks to improve its services by introducing Agile, a new technology. The platform provides support for the company’s digital learning products while assisting elementary and middle students. Although the Agile methodology would effectively support SuccessMaker software processes, its inadequate inclusivity in all departments, if unchecked, might adversely affect other operations.

The concentration of Agile in managing short progress iteration and communication gives it an advantage over other methods, such as Waterfall. The focus of Agile methodology is on customer satisfaction which is realized through the efficient delivery of valuable software. The platform empowers local teams, including developers, sponsors, and quality assurance, thereby leading to knowledge and skill improvement. Notably, the simplicity of the processes enhances work procedures while encouraging teams to deliver products with features that are tested and integrated within the application systems. Therefore, the platform is ideal for the company given its competency in supporting critical operations.

Among the notable barriers to the full implementation of the Agile approach is the lack of inclusivity. Given that only the software development teams are fully incorporated, it may exclude other divisions, such as quality assurance, developers, and project managers. Hence, the tendency to return to the old models of the mini Waterfall, especially during product testing, is possible. The Agile methodology is expensive to maintain compared to a web-based platform. Hence, such a perspective disadvantages the approach since the company has to provide specific options, including subscription-based systems and hosting services to the customers. Therefore, Pearson should address Agile system limitations to deliver quality services efficiently.                                                                                                                 

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