The “Fireside Chat” by President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Techniques used by the president

President Franklin D. Roosevelt begins by affirming to the Americans that measures had already been taken to curb inflation. Furthermore, the President asserts that the local banks will adopt deflationary measures. In addition, the head of state acknowledged the economic crisis that America was going through. He assures the average American that employment opportunities for one-quarter of the unemployed population will be implemented. Lastly, he explains that employment to the citizens will also consider the youth, who are the most affected by unemployment.

Assurance from the president

In his speech, the president admits that he knows the current economic depression in his country. Moreover, the president addresses the policies being undertaken to solve the inflation problem. One of the policies he outlined was withholding credit to local banks. This strategy is meant to reduce the channeling of surplus money in the economy. Commercial banks are denied surplus cash by the Central Bank so that they reduce their lending rates.

Relevance of the speech to Americans

The president’s speech was relevant because it indicated that the head of state was concerned about the lives of his citizens. In his speech, the president admitted that he was aware of the economic depression and assured the average Americans that they would be employed. Furthermore, the speech showed solidarity between the president and his citizens. Despite being the president, he shares their sentiments and sufferings and addresses the necessary measure to help solve the prevailing crisis. Similarly, the speech was relevant in ensuring that the crisis was being solved and the government was under the control of any economic fluctuations.

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