Why High School Students Should Travel During their Gap Year

Studying in any United States high school today is rewarding and exciting because of the advanced technology which facilitates learning. Indeed, after every session, all students have some time to take a break and relax during their gap year. In this arrangement, the students can decide what they want to do with their time before resuming further studies. Nevertheless, it is an excellent opportunity to earn money if they get part-time jobs. However, this is the best time for an individual to spend their gap year by having a vacation traveling around the world.

Traveling comes with new experiences, including fun and desperate survival tactics. In this aspect, an individual can make independent decisions that call for responsibility and be ready for the consequences (Jones 10). Therefore, it is a venture that cannot be achieved if one is under the constant care of their parents. While traveling, an individual has to decide on their undertaking, including the food they eat, the best or the cheapest mode of transport, and where to spend a night. Many prepare to face the challenges they encounter.

Survival does not only include decision-making. It also includes learning how to communicate with the people they meet during their vacation. Though one may search for information about a particular country before they arrive, it is evident that 90% of the information might not be of many benefits on arrival. Therefore, fundamental information about any place can only be gathered after interacting with the locals. Hence, the traveler must be prepared to encounter the challenges that may arise while interacting with the new culture. A traveler must either learn a few phrases in the local language or use gestures to explain what they need.  Once an individual can somehow communicate with the locals, it becomes easy to interact and enjoy the vacation. In fact, a well-spent gap year rejuvenates the student and brings out a new energy that propels the learner in their remaining learning sessions. Therefore, it is imperative for high school students to travel during their gap year.


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