Can Steve Bannon Win the Presidential Race?

As the Breitbart News’ executive chairperson, Steve Bannon has grown to be regarded as a central figure in much of the American political debate (Green 1). His leadership or management skill could be considered unique, and he could stand out in any environment. As the article notes, Bannon is an eloquent speaker despite his relatively advanced age. Besides, Bannon is known for his wardrobe habit composed of flip-flops, cargo shorts, and stylish blonde hair (Green 1).

His success in different career lines, such as in the Navy, investment banking, an actor, and a political impresario, has enabled him to rise to the political race for the White House in the 2016 presidential bid (Green 1). The article highlights the main features of Bannon’s past life in the corporate and his interest in politics. After supporting Reagan and Bush’s political ambition in the past with the hope of an improved political environment, Bannon could reason that they equally frustrated his expectations, just as Carter had previously done (Green 1).

As the article illustrates, his political competitiveness derives from his skill in using traditional mainstream and modern media-based campaigning strategies (Green 1). However, the strategy that the media politics embraced Bannon depends on exposing the ills of the competing political aspirants to win the electorate’s trust in the country (Green 1). The article notes that although he has not had as much popularity as the rest of the candidates, his charisma and debate prowess have made him rise beyond the expectations of many Americans. Therefore, in essence, the article presents a qualitative analysis of Bannon’s political aspirations and background (Green 1). It is, however, imperative to appreciate that Bannon’s uniqueness in the presidential race in the United States depends on his ability to embrace modern trends in his campaigns.


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