How Islamic Culture and Teachings Shaped My Life from an Early Age

I was born in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East in the year 1994. I lived in the country until high school before moving to the United States to further my studies. I have four siblings, and I am the second born and the only son. I was born and raised in a middle-class family, and we were well up. Indeed, being in a middle-class level, we usually interacted with people we were on the same level, dictating the people I socialized with.

Both my parents were Muslims, and the Islamic culture and teachings raised me. In fact, being raised as a Muslim played a significant role in shaping the person I am today. The Islamic teachings greatly influenced my social life; the people I interacted with were mostly from my religion. In the Middle East, most of the ethnic groups I socialized with were Arabs and Asians, who also played a significant role in my societal life.

Men in the Muslim community are regarded with honor, and a lot is expected from them. They have many responsibilities; hence, I was no exception. I spent most of my time with my father and uncles, whom I socialized with in my formative years. Most of the times I spent with the male relatives as Muslims do not interact much with the opposite sex.

The Muslim community is strict regarding matters of sexuality. An individual’s sexuality reflects the religious beliefs and morals. Therefore, the teachings and the Muslim culture had a significant role in shaping my sexual orientation. Major events have shaped my life, but the most significant one was moving from my country of origin to study in the US. The event changed my social life since I left the friends, family, and my culture and met new people with a different culture.

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