The Importance of Understanding Intersectionality

Understanding intersectionality is crucial as it nurtures interdependence, knowledge, designation of a shared vision and embraces the feeling of security in the female gender. On the other hand, inadequate awareness of this concept weakens the ideology that differences exist amongst women in the sense of sexuality, age, class, and race (Lorde 110). An adequate review of this concept fuels the idea of interdependence gaining knowledge and leads women to become privileged as they powerfully embrace the feminist changes required (Lorde 112).

The Combahee River collection critically shows how Black Women Feminism understood intersectionality and united to form an activist group that fights for the rights of women of color (Combahee River Collection 6). In this case, women understand the reality of intersectionality as it starts early childhood and grows into an oppressive adulthood. Hence, they are ready to address it from all dimensions (Combahee River Collection 6). For that reason, failure to accept that the Black Women Feminism group works on an intersectionality approach exposes them to further atrocities considering that no other team can fight for women with a passion like the one these activists exhibits in their daily forums.


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