Human Behavior in an Organization

According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, an employer is prohibited from discriminating potential employees based on their color, religion, sex, race, and country of origin (Twomey, 2010). However, before the act was implemented, there was discrimination where most employers preferred men, and in cases where women were hired, they were usually paid less than the men.

Walmart has equality problems since most of their employees come from the same gender. In fact, the ratio of women employed at Walmart is higher compared to that of men. However, despite their numbers, women in Walmart are still discriminated regarding training, promotions, salary, and bonuses (Hart, 2006)Top of Form. The issue of inequalities persists in companies that are economically stable, as there is a perception that the dominant gender is the reason those companies are doing well. Therefore, the management may not be willing to risk its business by accommodating both genders.

The data presented clearly indicates that women in Walmart continue to be discriminated during the hiring process, especially in the management positions. Therefore, the management should be concerned about these statistics to ensure that there is a gender balance in their companies. However, some organizational practices worsen the inequality in employment. Firstly, under the concept of employment at will, the employee or the employer has the right to terminate their service if there are legal reasons behind the move. Secondly, there is the hiring, firing, and retention policy. Most companies would like to hire the best and most reliable employee; hence, the employer must use meticulous methods to avoid discrimination. Lastly, there is the challenge of nepotism, where the employees are hired based on their relationship with those people who are already in the company.

After I graduate, I expect that I will have an equal chance to be employed. My anticipations are that there will be gender equality as far as the person seeking employment is equally qualified. On the other hand, the employers should offer equal opportunities to all those seeking employment regardless of gender. Consequently, this affirmative action will ensure that there is no discrimination based on sex or gender. Finally, the employers should hire the employee based on the merits to avoid nepotism.



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