Causes of Cheating in Class

The problem of cheating in class takes several forms, including the communication, possession, or use of unauthorized materials or devices. Indeed, there are specific factors that encourage cheating in class. For instance, many students engage in cheating to receive recognition, rewards, and compliments from their teachers and parents, while others do so to obtain a passing grade. However, the explanation for cheating is based on the person involved. First, the learner may involve in cheating because of pressure to perform from both their parents and the teachers. Secondly, academic dishonesty may be based on poor time management, where the student is not able to organize his/her time properly and discovers that the time left for an assignment or an exam is too short to prepare and consequently receive the minimum grade or marks required. Finally, cheating can be instigated by the need to excel, too much workload, the pressure to conform (others are cheating), and unfair tests designed to fail students.

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